Simple, Safe Citations

One of the secrets I’ve learned during my years creating genealogy tutorial videos for GenealogyTools.com is that there are two big problems with family history source citation:

  1. Citations don’t need to be as complex as people are making them
  2. Transferring information between leading genealogy applications is unsafe

Needless Complexity

The Internet and its search engines have made existing citation formats outdated. Today, with only a few key pieces of information, you can find repositories for most sources. Those same pieces of information will also help you locate the sources that aren’t referenced on the Internet.

Information Loss

While all modern genealogy software will exchange family history data, they don’t all do it the same way. This causes some information to be lost in the transfer or to be misplaced.

The Solution

I created a guide to creating simple, functional, and safe citations. And all the information is stored where it can be safely transferred. It’s a system I call Practical Citation.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The Practical Citation Guide in PDF format so you can print it
  • An easy to remember method for figuring out what information to put in a citation
  • Examples and exercises to help you learn and apply the method
  • A quick trick for testing your citations so you can feel more confident
  • Step-by-step instructions for recording your sources and citations in your software, where they’ll be safe when transferred
  • One simple citation format that works for any kind of source
  • Instructions for converting your existing sources and citations so your records will be safe and consistent

If you’re like me, having a book alone isn’t the best way to learn. So I created a community to help you understand and use Practical Citation.

Being part of our community is the key to putting into practice the lessons you’ll learn in the Practical Citation guide. By reading the guide, completing the exercises, and participating in the forum you’ll:

  • Record sources in a way that you and others will be able to find them later
  • Have sources and citations that can be transferred without losing information
  • Get answers to your questions and advice on citations you’re finding difficult to cite.
  • Feel confident when citing sources, maybe for the first time
  • Invest less time recording sources and citing sources so you can focus on doing what’s most important to you

I’m confident from my experience using Practical Citation that you’ll get all these benefits unless you’re a professional genealogist recording research for a client, you are submitting research for formal publication or review (in which case you must use their citation format for the materials you submit), and or you enjoy the mental challenge of complex citation formats.

If you’re not one of those people, click the Buy Now button below to get the Practical Citation PDF Guides & Community Membership and a PDF version including step-by-step instructions for using Practical Citation techniques with Family Tree Maker 2014, Family Tree Maker for Mac 3, Reunion 10, and Reunion 11. The price is just $ 4.97.

If you’re unsure, I’ll make it easy for you. If you’re not satisfied with Practical Citation for any reason I’ll give you a 100% refund.

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P.S. I want you to be a member of this great community. If you want to learn with us and have access to a printable copy of the guides click the Buy Now button to join us for only $ 4.97. If you’d rather have the Kindle version you can click here to buy a it on Amazon.com.

Either way you can access to the Practical Citation Community Forum where you get access to me and other family historians who are recording Practical Citations, answers to your questions, and advice on citations you’re finding difficult to cite.

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