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    On page 6 the first example of Book I have some questions.

    1. Where did you get the Who: Michigan Legislature; maybe you know more than is listed on the web page?

    2. George H. Brown maybe should be George H. Turner?

    3. I notice there is no mention of where you found the book. It would seem that it should be indicated that you found the book in the Allen County Library?

    So far I like what I have read and am getting ready to actually set it up in Reunion.


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    Hi Roger.

    Thank you for sharing your thought provoking questions. My answers to your numbered questions follow.

    1. The Michigan Legislature is listed on the title page as “Published by authority of”

    2. The title page states that the book was published under the direction of George H. Brown, the Adjutant General. A later page acknowledges the Assistant Adjutant General, George H. Turner, for compiling the volume.

    3. Should someone (including me) need to examine the source, what will matter is where it can be found at that time, not where it was in the past. Where I found it is largely irrelevant because of the pace of change, especially given that it will be in your research journal. I contend that painstakingly noting the repository of sources is a holdover of the brick-and-mortar past.

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 6 months ago by  Ben.

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